can you do photos and video?

Of course! I obviously cannot do both at the same time so I have a very talented bank of videographers I can call upon. The editing of images and video will always be completed by myself to ensure the style you expect to receive when booking me is followed through.

do you travel?

I travel here there and everywhere. I am based in South East Kent but travel all around the world. There are travel expenses that occur but these are all discussed depending on your chosen location. 

how many images do I get?

I like to deliver anywhere from 350-800 images. I know these numbers are quite wide apart but I really depends how long you want me and what you have happening on your day. For example, a couple booking me for the whole day that have fireworks planned at the end of the night are going to receive more than a couple booking me half the day.

How many Videos do we get?

You will always receive two edits of your day. The HIGHLIGHT video is a shorter overall film averaging anywhere between 10/15mins, showcasing all the best parts of your day. As well as that you will then receive a full 60min film showing your day from start to finish. 

black and white vs colour

Nearly all photographers shoot RAW. This basically means the images are captured in colour and we then mess around with them in editing. Some images are delivered in colour and some in black and white and this usually just depends on how the image lends itself to either edit. Same photos are just better in black and white. This said, if you want to see an image delivered in a different colour the just ask, something that can easily be changed.

how do we book?

Just pop over to the contact page and get in touch. Let me know roughly when you big day is and I can check if I am free. I only book a limited amount of videos per year, so if this is something you are interested in please let me know asap .