Photo: Gavin Hardy Photography

Photo: Gavin Hardy Photography



Photography is my passion. I carry a camera everywhere and document as much as possible, not because I want to spam the hell out of my Instagram account but because I love what I do. I am still fascinated by the process of photography and strive to improve the way I capture stories. I got my first camera 9 years ago, when my eldest was born and never looked back.

The camera has taken me around the world and allows me to be creative in everything I do. Obsessed with colours, lines, light, shadows and artist ways to capture something you would think was mundane but is usually key to telling a story.

I started making films for commercial clients, making adverts and small reportage style videos last year and have now added this to weddings. Filming has allowed me to explore new ways to capture moments. Instead of look for moments to freeze you find yourself hunting movement and sequencing of events. The editing process takes more time than processing images but I love the final result - it’s worth the hours of computer time when you get to watch back the first draft.

Having the option to photograph or film a wedding is really important to me. I am only able to secure a limited about of films per year but thankfully this allows me to ensure images and video remain equally as important. I couldn’t choose one or the other.